Zimbabwe lacks investment into solar fields

Zimbabwe lacks investment into solar fields

Zimbabwe lacks US$8 billion investment into solar fields if the country wants to solve power shortages that have seen most suburbs going for up to 18 hours daily without electricity.Zimbabwe has since last year endured crippling power shortages as a result of depleted water levels at Kariba Dam, the country’s major hydro-electric power plant, as well as lack of investment in the energy sector.

Another primary source of power, the Hwange Thermal Power Station, is continuously breaking down due to old age. Energy experts have, however, called upon the government to take advantage of the country’s weather and adopt solar power as an alternative source of energy.The country should follow Morocco, which invested US$9 billion into solar fields that is expected to grow power generation exponentially in the North African country.

Zimbabwe is currently pushing forward with plans to build four new solar power plants, amid a drought that has crippled its ability to generate hydro-electricity. Although Finance minister Mthuli Ncube committed to renewable energy investment in his 2020 budget, no concrete steps had been taken to attract investment into the sector.

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