Year-end inventory in 2017 International Nuclear Energy Industry Development Summit in Macau

Year-end inventory in 2017 International Nuclear Energy Industry Development Summit in Macau

The 6th International Clean Energy Forum was held in Macau from December 12 to December 14, and the “2017 International Nuclear Energy Industry Development Summit” took place on the sidelines. The summit conducted a “year-end inventory” of the global and China’s nuclear energy industry.


International nuclear power shows a new development trend: on one hand, when Russia has frequently won new nuclear project construction contracts on the international market, the emerging nuclear markets such as China and India have witnessed rapid development. China has developed new projects such as the Hualong No.1 and the CAP1400, both Third-generation nuclear power technology. On the other hand, Western nuclear suppliers such as Westinghouse and Areva faced the difficult dilemma of bankruptcy and reorganization due to serious delays in the duration of demonstration projects.

The current world nuclear energy industry is facing a series of economic, security and environmental challenges with some or all of its sources of funding, nuclear waste disposal, nuclear public acceptance, aging nuclear facilities and personnel, nuclear non-proliferation, renewable energy competition, etc. From a market perspective, the growth of nuclear power in the world slowed down, but the demand for nuclear energy in some regions remained strong.

The 2017 International Nuclear Energy Industry Development Summit discussed how China Responds to the Challenges and Opportunities Faced by the Global Nuclear Energy Industry”. Through dialogue and exchange of views on different national conditions and cultures, and from different perspectives, the summit took data, facts and reasons to explore a strategy that meets the needs of all countries’ road map of nuclear energy industry development. At the summit, the Global Blue Book for Nuclear Industry Development (2017) was also launched by the forum. Meanwhile, 200 leaders and experts from International Energy Agency, China Nuclear Industry Association, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp., China Dongfang Electric Co., State Power Investment Group, China University of Mining and Technology, and Construction companies, design institutes, relevant state representatives and the news media participated in the forum.

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