Yantai—a new rising star

Yantai—a new rising star


  • Release Date: December 13, 2016

Yantai Nuclear Power Research & Development Center (hereafter referred to as the “R&D Center”)has been officially launched in early November. After Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, Yantai has become the fifth core city engaged in the nuclear power research and development, which will make a difference in promoting the nuclear industry’s prosperity and creating the nuclear technology self-innovation base in Yantai city.

Taking a broad view, China’s nuclear industry is striding toward to the Gen-III from Gen-II updates. In this trend, merely counting on Yantai’s insufficient technical talents, it feels a little bit powerless to do further research and development in nuclear industry. Considering this, Yantai decides to take the lead to establish the R&D Center with the support of CGN, CNNC and SPIC, thus to fully motivate the cooperation of all its research institutes affiliated with the Yantai’s enterprises and research centers in the aspects of nuclear supporting equipments, nuclear materials and nuclear energy utilization.

The deputy dean of the nuclear office Mr. Zhang Jiefei said: “this R&D Center is a strategic goal of the State Council when it approved the Planning of “Blue Peninsula”. It is aimed to attract more technology and talents to this Peninsula to jointly set up an advanced Nuclear R&D platform.


This R&D center will be open to the private capitals and the non-government technicians and meanwhile to depend on the scientific systems of the CGN, CNNC and SPIC to push forward the development of the innovative nuclear technology. In the future, Yantai R&D center will grow to be the Nuclear Technology Self-innovation Base, Hualong R&D Base and Industry Demonstration Park as well as the bridgehead of the “Going out” strategy.



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