Xiapu demonstration fast reactor civil construction signals the start of China’s fourth-generation nuclear power

Xiapu demonstration fast reactor civil construction signals the start of China’s fourth-generation nuclear power

China’s nuclear energy development strategy–“three-step” is divided into thermal neutron reactor, fast breeder reactor, controlled nuclear fusion reactor. Xiapu demonstration fast reactor project as a major project approved by the state, is the second step of “three-step” development strategy. Fujian Xiapu Demonstration Fast Reactor plans to invest in construction by the end of 2017 and to put into operation in 2023.


However, the demonstration reactor construction can only be regarded as the very beginning step of fast reactor development. It needs to verify all the engineering problems and economic problems before transition to the commercial fast reactor and finally put into operation on a large scale.


In addition to Xiapu fast reactor demonstration project, in Fujian Sanming, not far from Xiapu, also preliminarily planned a fast reactor. Fujian Sanming nuclear power plant site will feature four million-kilowatt nuclear power units with “one planning, phased construction”. And Phase I of the project will be “Sino-foreign cooperation, but China takes the initiative” mode of construction of a 1 × 1200 MW sodium-cooled Fast neutron reactor nuclear power plant. BN-1200 fast reactor project is being actively carried out with Russia.


In addition to sodium-cooled fast reactors, the gas-cooled fast reactors, lead-cooled fast reactors, molten salt reactors, supercritical water reactors and ultra-high temperature reactors also fall into the category of fourth generation nuclear power generating units. The fourth generation of nuclear power technology lines in our country have become more blossoming. There are many planning, research and projects under construction related to Fourth Generation nuclear power projects.


* Fast reactor, or “fast neutron reactor”, is the preferred reactor for the fourth generation of advanced nuclear energy systems in the world, which can increase the utilization of uranium resources to over 60%. It also minimizes the amount of nuclear waste generated and minimizes radioactive waste.

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