Worley Parsons delivers the “field parameters report of Akkuyu” to TAEK

Worley Parsons delivers the “field parameters report of Akkuyu” to TAEK


  • Release Date: February 16, 2017

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Site Parameters Report (SPR) established by Akkuyu Nuclear JSC on February 9, 2017, was approved by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK).
SPR approval is mandatory for the nuclear power plant construction license application to be evaluated. Since the last three years, the following engineering companies have been involved in the report preparation process:

  • ENVY Energy and Environment Investments JSC.
  • Toker Sondage Construction Engineering Consultancy JSC.,
    Bogazici University,
  • Middle East Technical University,
  • Akdeniz University,
  • Hacettepe University


And the state entity representing the Russian side, within Rosatom:

  • AtomEnergo Projekt,
  • Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute,
  • Russian Science Center – Kurchatov Institute

The report is based on the engineering study obtained from Akkuyu NPP site. It contains the exact values ​​to be used in the design project of the plant.

The seismicity, hydrogeology, hydrology, meteorology, slope stability, ground liquefaction, karstic cavities and other natural and human-induced events that may occur in the nuclear power plant in Mersin province are covered in detail. The report covered also the radiological impact of the nuclear power plant and the the feasibility of emergency plans.
Akkuyu Nuclear JSC managed the SPR preparation and communication process’ with TAEK, while Worley Parsons carried out general coordination.


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