Will Taiwan’s nuclear restart?

Will Taiwan’s nuclear restart?

Taiwan’s “Atomic Energy Council” agreed on the 14th that Unit1 of Taiwan No. 3 Nuclear Power Plant will be starting operations afterthe outage. It is expected that the full-load power generation will be achieved as early as the 20th.

Taiwan media reported that the installed capacity of Unit 1 was 950 MW, accounting for about 3.5% of the total power generation in Taiwan.

It is reported that if the Unit 1 is successfully restarted, together with Unit 1 of No. 2 Plant and Unit 2 of No. 3 Plant, Taiwan will have three nuclear power generating units that can normally supply power, with a total installed capacity of 2.8 GW, and the total power generation accounts for approximately 10.5%.

A spokesperson of Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant Xu Zaohua said that Taiwan also ordered all overhauled reactor units to “rejoin the team” to generate electricity at the end of May, such as Taichung Power Plant No. 7 Unit, Xingda Power Plant, and Datan Power Plant, to cope with the peak summer electricity demand from June.

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