Will Putin and el-Sisi sign Dabaa project in 2017?

Will Putin and el-Sisi sign Dabaa project in 2017?

Presidents  Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Vladimir Putin will meet at the end of the year in the Dabaa area to anchor the nuclear power plant deal that is expected to be established in the region. Some of the reactors will be supplied by Russia’s Rosatom, and Russia will probably handle the nuclear fuel cycle.


The power station will cover 55 square kilometres in the Matrouh district, which will eventually have eight reactors, Russia will supply the first four, and the others will be financed by international assistance.


The first round of the Egyptian nuclear scientists will finish their studies in Russia by 2020. The studies take place at the Egyptian-Russian University in Cairo, after which students continue to study in Tomsk, Russia. The studies last about five years.


The government plans to have the first reactor in operation within the next eight years, the second unit one year later, and the remaining two after another year. In other words, after ten years all four will produce electricity.

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