What changes will the nuclear power industry face in 2018?

What changes will the nuclear power industry face in 2018?

China’s nuclear power industry continues to increase, and it is currently at a stage of strategic development. There are three major changes in nuclear power in 2018:

  1. ‘Nuclear Giants’reshaping nuclear market structure


The three central enterprises–CGN, New CNNC, and SPIC reshaped the new pattern of “three pillars” in the nuclear power industry of China.


  1. ‘Nuclear Going abroad’ with more “business cards”


After corporate merging, the new CNNC’s overseas map includes not only Hualong No.1 but also high-temperature gas-cooled reactors of more than 500 MW. In addition, New CNNC is continuously expanding its business segments, such as technology research and development, project construction, engineering operation and maintenance, and qualification verification. ‘Made in China’ will participate in the international market with a new look featuring more fields, more industries, and more diversified development.


  1. Nuclear power industry continues to grow


According to the “13th Five-Year Plan” for China’s electricity development, nuclear power capacity will exceed 55 GW in the next four years. The scale of power plants under construction will be close to 29.87 GW, and it is expected to build around eight units each year in the next three years. For nuclear, the further planning is actually in 2030 when the installed capacity will show an accelerated mode of doubling.

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