West Kalimantan wants its Nuclear Power Plant

West Kalimantan wants its Nuclear Power Plant

The West Kalimantan Provincial Government (Indonesia) is working on the realization of a nuclear power plant to supply the electricity in the region, removing 200 MW of electricity from Malaysia.

West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji said that currently, his party is still reviewing the planned construction of the nuclear power plant (PLTN). The realization of the nuclear power plant still requires a long process, but he is optimistic that the plant will be built soon.

Sutardmidji said that at least the West Kalimantan government had prepared which areas were suitable for the construction of nuclear power plants. When the central government realizes the development of nuclear power plants, West Kalimantan wants to be one of the areas with the new power plant.

Based on a study from the Ministry of Research and Technology, three regions are suitable places for nuclear power plants to be built in West Kalimantan. The area is Bengkayang, Ketapang, and Sambas. These areas are considered safe from earthquakes and have few settlements, so it is safe to develop nuclear power plants.

West Kalimantan wants the plant to be built with a capacity of 200 MW so that it eliminates electricity imports from Malaysia to be able to attract the realization of industrial investment in Kalimantan. “Whether the realization is 5 or 6 years away, what is clear is that we are ready,” he said.

According to him, the presence of nuclear power plants will optimize the potential of uranium resources that have been owned by West Kalimantan. Based on data from the Ministry of Research and Technology, West Kalimantan has at least uranium natural resource potential of 45,730 tons.

So far, natural resources in West Kalimantan have only been exported in the form of raw materials, while on the other hand, the Kalimantan Barat community is in desperate need of an electric market.

The nuclear power plant is considered to offer electricity at a low price for the community. At present, the cost of providing (BPP) of electricity in West Kalimantan is above US 10.70 cent per kWh. However,  the BPP will decline along with the construction of a massive nuclear power plant in West Kalimantan.

“Now above US 10 cent per kWh in the future, it can be 4.5 per kWh or below US 5 cents per kWh, our calculations can be below US 5 cents per kWh , and this will increase daylight and attract investors”.

According to him, the construction of nuclear power plants is also crucial because of the plan to move the Indonesian Capital to Kalimantan. The idea to move the Capital would require reliable electricity supply, and West Kalimantan could become the electricity supplier. “The nuclear power plant is the safest, everywhere nuclear electricity is safe, even if it happens otherwise, it is only a case or two,” he said.

At present, the electricity system in West Kalimantan has a power production capacity of 462 MW and a peak load of 309 MW. Until the end of 2018, the position of the electrification ratio in West Kalimantan was 87.6%.

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