West Kalimantan faces a lack of electricity

West Kalimantan faces a lack of electricity

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ristekdikti ) declared recently that West Kalimantan’s electricity needs continue to increase. West Kalimantan faces a lack of electricity due to the growth of industries, such as aluminum, palm oil, rubber, as well as the development of the gravestone port, which requires enormous energy.  However, the province is still importing electricity from Malaysia. Expert Staff of Relevance and Productivity of Ristekdikti, Agus Puji Prasetyono,  stated that the construction of the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)  was the right choice for West Kalimantan.  West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji also conveyed the readiness of his government to build nuclear power plants.

PT PAL Indonesia and Thorcon International are working together to develop the first nuclear power plant in Indonesia,

This project will be built next year after obtaining permission from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM). Director-General of PAL Maintenance and Repair Engineering, Sutrisno, said that PNTL has three location options,  West Kalimantan, Riau, and Bangka Island.

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