Uzbekistan signs $ 2 billion agreements with Saudi Acwa Power

Uzbekistan signs $ 2 billion agreements with Saudi Acwa Power

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan announced that the country has signed strategic agreements, valued at more than $ 2 billion, with Saudi developer Acwa Power to boost electricity generation and develop technical expertise.

The ministry added that the agreements include a 25-year electricity purchase agreement worth $ 1.2 billion, and will involve the construction and operation of a gas-fired power plant in Uzbekistan. Tashkent has called for bids on the project, which will support the country’s total capacity by 12%.

Uzbekistan had signed an agreement with the Emirati Masdar Company to build a 100 MW solar power plant, and has announced plans for three other solar power plants with a capacity of more than 200 MW.

On the other hand, Uzbekistan continues to work with the Russian company, Rosatom, to build a nuclear power plant.

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