Uranium and Lithium at Kalimantan

Uranium and Lithium at Kalimantan

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. Likewise with Kalimantan. Given the current world has entered the industrial revolution 4.0.

Chancellor of Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM) Banjarmasin as well as Deputy Chair of the Indonesian Chancellor Forum (FRI), Prof. Dr. H Sutarto Hadi, declared recently that Kalimantan is an energy barn. This can be seen from natural resources such as coal deposits, natural gas and petroleum.

“Keep in mind, that West Kalimantan has an Uranium deposit. And this can later be used if we are approved to use a Nuclear Power Plant. In addition, in South Kalimantan there is also Lithium, this can be used to make batteries, electric vehicles, electric cars, and so on”.

Uranium is a mineral that emits nuclear radiation or is radioactive, used in various fields. One of them is as nuclear fuel. While Lithium is an important element in the way batteries make electricity. Lithium is also very important in nuclear reactors. Lithium is widely used in chemical reactions and processes.

“So if we want to be a strong country in the industrial sector, one of them we have to prepare a cheap energy source. Please also note that our PLN includes selling the most expensive electricity in the world. Because it uses fossil fuels for energy generation. “Nuclear energy is only an option, because the government wants to find new and renewable energy,” he said.

The Honorary Board of the FRI, Prof. Dr. H Rochmat Wahab, MPd, MA said that Indonesia is currently still minimal in utilizing solar energy. Solar energy is utilizing solar energy as an energy source.

“Even though we are very benefited, because we are on the equator. So, we are thinking about how the sun is an energy source. And many more new and renewable energy breakthroughs. Whether from nature or other,” he concluded.

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