Upcoming renewable energy projects in Djibouti

Upcoming renewable energy projects in Djibouti

Djibouti’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Younes Ali Gedi, announced, on the 23rd of August, that his country is currently working on several major projects in renewable energy.

“Among the projects involved are a wind power plant in Qubbat Al-Kharab, a solar power project in the Greater Barra Desert and a geothermal project in Bahryat Asal”, Gedi said.

Djibouti minister added that: “The production capacity of the wind power plant will be 59 MW, and it is expected to produce electricity throughout the year; thanks to the powerful wind in this region. It is expected to begin implementation in 2021.”

Gedi also pointed out that the solar power plant in the Greater Barra Desert will produce 30 MW in the first phase and will be put into implementation in 2021. The geothermal project in Bahryat Asal will produce 50 MW. And its implementation will begin in 2021 as well.

The wind power project in Qubbat Al-Kharab is expected to include 15 wind turbines at a cost of $ 250 million, according to World Bank Group data. It is expected that the project will require about 300 workers during the peak of the implementation of the project, and about 12 staff in operation.

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