United Nations Technology Bank is established in Turkey

United Nations Technology Bank is established in Turkey

During the United Nations (UN) Least Developed Countries Conference in 2011, which took place in 2015, it was decided to establish an international technology bank for less developed countries and during the 70th UN General Assembly, it was decided to found it in Gebze, Turkey.

The aim of the bank is primarily to make a requirement analysis and provide services to the least developed countries in line with the shortcomings. It is planned to support the development and implementation of science and technology policies and the establishment of governance mechanisms in these countries.

Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, said, “Turkey as a donor country will provide $ 2 million annually for financial support during the first 5 years. Many UN member countries are expected to support the bank and the world famous technology companies are expected to support the bank”.

The UN delegation came to Turkey to evaluate the preparations of the International Technology Bank to be established on the campus TÜBİTAK Turkish Industry Transfer and Administration Institute (TUSSIDE) in Gebze.

Özlü said that the International Technology Bank will begin its activities this year after signing the ‘host country agreement’ to be prepared between Turkey and the UN. He pointed out that Turkey is contributing to the efforts for reducing income injustice in the world.

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