United Arab Emirates shows the future of energy in Astana

United Arab Emirates shows the future of energy in Astana


  • Release Date: June 09, 2017

The Emirati section in the Astana Expo, which started at 10th June and ends at 10th September 2017, represented the future of the Emirati energy. The section is administrated by the National Media Council of the UAE, providing different events and information about energy in the country.

The Emirati section was the largest section in the expo, with an area of 980 M2 and it is designed to host large numbers of visitors with a capacity of 7000 visitors per day.

The section provides its visitors with information about the negative impact of climate change on the world, the international initiatives on energy that will maintain sustainable development, and the future plans and explorative projects that will provide growth and development to the Emirati society.

The section also provides an interactive environment between the host and the visitors through a virtual host that takes visitors on a tour around the section in 20 minutes.

The UAE participated in Expo Astana as Kazakhstan is willing to participate in Dubai Expo 2020. Moreover, the UAE and Kazakhstan had been joint-business partners for more than 25 years, as the two countries exchange non-oil trade that reached 185 Million USD in 2015. Both countries aim at making more cooperation of logistic services, infrastructure and transportation.

Expo Astana focuses on energy technologies that depend on renewable resources, such as wind and solar energy. Its title is “Future Energy.” 115 countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, and 22 international organizations participate in the expo.


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