The Turkish Sovereign State Fund aims the nuclear market

The Turkish Sovereign State Fund aims the nuclear market


  • Release Date: March 14, 2017

The Turkish Sovereign State Fund. (TVF), was founded as a joint stock company with a capital of 50 million TL (14 Million USD). This joint-stock company will be subject to the provisions of the private law and act under the Prime Minister.

The web site of the Sovereign State Fund points out that Turkey has a planned infrastructure investment of 70 billion USD per year by 2030. It is foreseen that the public and private sector will invest a total of One trillion dollars in the next fifteen years.
According to Mehmet Bostan, Chairman of the Board of the TVF, the fund aims to contribute to the economic growth of the public assets, to contribute to the diversity and depth of the capital markets, to develop strategically sectors, such as the nuclear power market and to participate in large scale investments.

Under the “Planned investments”, there are 11 projects. The top project are:

  • Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant with 20 billion USD
  • The health campus projects
  • Sinop Nuclear Power Plant with 16.1 billion USD.

The companies transferred to the Sovereign State Fund are as follows:

Turkish Republic Ziraat Bankası JSC,
Pipelines and Petrol Transportation Inc. (BOTAŞ),
Turkish Petroleum AO (TPAO),
Post and Telegraph Organization JSC (PTT),
Istanbul stock market JSC,
All of the shares of the Treasury which are in the capital of Türksat Satellite Communication Cable TV and Operation Inc (TÜRKSAT)
Türk Telekomünikasyon JSC 6.68 % shareholding in the Treasury,
Eti General Directorate of Mining Operations,
General Directorate of Tea Operations (Çaykur),
With 49.12 % of Turkish Airlines,
51.11 % of Halkbank.

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