The Turkish Industry becomes nuclear

The Turkish Industry becomes nuclear


  • Release Date: May 02, 2017

The Nuclear Industry Cluster (NÜKSAK) was recently established under the management of Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO). The cluster includes Turkish firms from Istanbul, Kocaeli and Adana. The respective Chambers of Industries promote the Nuksak to their members that plan to enter in the nuclear sector.

NÜKSAK will be supported by the research and experience from the Istanbul Technical University (Mechanical Engineering), the Gedik University (Welding and Casting) and the Hacettepe University (Nuclear Engineering).
The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology signed on May 10th, a contract to support NÜKSAK for 5 years. The document was signed by Minister Faruk Ozlu and Nurettin Ozdebir, the president of ASO at the ministry.


With this project, NÜKSAK members will acquire technologic development, design and manufacturing capabilities. The Turkish Industry, which is still in the burgeoning stage hope to contribute to the localization of the nuclear power plant projects.


President Özdebir said that nuclear power plants are long-term projects which are largely dependent on governments’ support and if the establishment of a heavy industrial infrastructure for nuclear plants is achieved, nuclear sector will be the driving force for the national development.

Mr. Özdebir concluded that Turkey’s strategy is to position the existing domestic supply chain in the nuclear sector to gain competitiveness and to become an international supplier in the nuclear market.
Mr. Faruk Ozlu, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, added that a concentration of clustering firms operating in the same region for the nuclear sector will dramatically impact and improve the quality of the manufacturing for any other sectors.”

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