Turkish industrialists participate to 30 percent of Akkuyu

Turkish industrialists participate to 30 percent of Akkuyu

Hakan Kızıltoprak, who was elected as the Chairman of the Board of European Association of Nuclear Research (CERN) Industry Relations Representative last year, declared recently that Akkuyu NGS will offer Turkish industrialists to participate to 30 percent of Akkuyu (20 Billion USD).

Mr. Kızıltoprak stated that the Akkuyu NPP, which was established by the Russian State Nuclear Power Company Rosatom in Mersin, will revive the region’s economy throughout both the construction and operation of the region.

Akkuyu NGS will create economic vitality and employment in the region during the construction. After it is commissioned, it will create various opportunities for the companies in the region due to the provision of equipment and materials for both employment and corporate activities as well as regular maintenance activities.

It will contribute to the development of scientific knowledge as it is in many countries with nuclear technology in the world. In the beginning, it will help increase the academic work in R & D activities and trained manpower in regional universities, health, agriculture, engineering and nuclear science.

Hakan Kızıltoprak, representative of TOBB-CERN Industry Liaison Office, stated that nuclear technology has an important potential for alternative energy sources. Today there are 450 reactors operating in 31 countries around the world. There are 60 ongoing construction, 160 reactors planned to be constructed. With 70 years of experience in nuclear technology from scientists and countries, power plants are now built safer. Nuclear power plants will continue to be an information pool for alternative energy sources and scientific research of countries as well as renewable energy sources.

In October, Rosatom, Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş., Russian contractors and the Turkish companies, were brought together. The information provided by Rosatom and the project stakeholders increased the confidence of the companies that wanted to participate in the tenders and detailed presentations.

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