Turkish-American energy future

Turkish-American energy future


  • Release Date: April 27, 2017

Ali Çınar, chairman of the Turkish Heritage Organization (THO), who has been lobbying for the promotion of Turkey in the USA, said that the United States are closely following Turkey’s energy projects and strategies: “Washington considers Turkey as a country of opportunities in the energy sector. US companies want to invest in research and drilling activities in Turkish seas. Turkish objectives such as electricity investment of 30 billion TL (10 Billion USD) up to 2020 and  warehousing of 20 percent of annual gas consumption is a magnet  to attract foreign companies. The United States want to cooperate with Turkish businessmen, especially in the field of renewable energy. ”

Turkey is located between the consumers ( Europe) and the suppliers (Caspian and Middle Eastern regions). Çınar noticed that Turkey could be a gas-selling country if it increases the gas storage capacities.

He pointed out that the energy costs have to be reduced and localization policies should be increased.

The Turkish Heritage Organization
The Turkish Heritage Organization (THO), headquartered in Washington DC, was founded in 2015 as a totally independent non-profit non-governmental organization. It aims to bring Turkish – American relations to the American public agenda through activities, researches and publications organized under six headings such as security, energy, education, economy, humanitarian aid and technology.

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