Turkey wants to accelerate its nuclear program

Turkey wants to accelerate its nuclear program

The Official Gazette no. 2019/17 published three Presidential Circulars on energy with a focus on the nuclear power plant projects carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

The Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources chairs the newly renamed Energy and Natural Resources Investment Monitoring and Coordination Board.

The Ministry of Strategy and Budget, Presidency Investment Office, Environment and Urbanism, Treasury and Finance, Culture and Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry, Trade, Transportation and Infrastructure, EMRA, BOTAS, DSI, EÜAŞ, KGM, MTA, MAPEG will be invited according to the nature of the investment.

The Forest, Land Registry and Cadastre, was re-established with the participation of senior representatives from the general directorates of TEIAS and TKI.

The Circular on Nuclear Power Plant Projects in the same gazette called for the immediate completion of the operations carried out by the relevant public institutions to ensure that nuclear power plant projects are completed without delay.

The circular highlighted the importance of successful, safe realization of the nuclear power plant, ensuring increased electricity demand and supply security, dependence on imported energy, reducing the current account deficit and diversity of resources.

The Circulars numbered 1980/19, and 2012/8 are abolished.

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