Turkey aims to operate Akkuyu in 2023

Turkey aims to operate Akkuyu in 2023

The Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources stated that Ankara aims to operate the first unit of “Akkuyu” nuclear power plant in 2023.

He explained during an inspection visit to the site of the nuclear plant in Mersin state, southern Turkey, that the target is to operate the plant in conjunction with celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. He added that the foundation stone for the second unit of the plant has been laid, and to enter service as well a year after the operation of the first unit.

The Turkish minister stated that 6,700 people are working in the project now, 90% of them are Turks, in addition to experts from Russia and other different countries.

It is worth noting that, in December 2010, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement to cooperate in the construction and operation of the Akkuyu nuclear NPP, at a cost of about 20 billion US dollars.

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