Tunisia new tender for renewable : 824 Million USD

Tunisia new tender for renewable : 824 Million USD

The Tunisian government announced on April 5 its intent to launch an international tender for the production of electricity from renewable sources at the end of April with an estimated value of 824 million dollars.

In a statement, the government confirmed that the Prime Minister, “Yousef Al-Shahid”, announced a set of decisions, including “the issuance of a request for bids on the production of electricity from renewable energy on April 27, 2018, with an investment of about 2 billion dinars or equivalent to 824 million dollars.”

Worth noting that the project will be allocated for the production of about 800 MW of electricity from solar and wind power, in six provinces, mostly in the south and center, namely Tataouine, Tozeur and Qebly (from the provinces of the south), Sidi Bouzid and Qafsa (central) and Nabeel (East).

Tunisia’s energy resources cover only 50% of its needs. Tunisia also suffers from economic difficulties after the decline of the tourism sector, especially after a series of attacks in 2015 and the continuous interruptions in the phosphate production basin in Qafsa governorate because of the ongoing social protests and the demand for employment and development in the region.

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