Tsinghua University chooses Shandong Province

Tsinghua University chooses Shandong Province

On May 26, the signing ceremony of the advanced nuclear energy technology research base project of Tsinghua University was held in Rongcheng, a city in Shandong Province. Tsinghua University and leaders of Rongcheng City attended the ceremony.

Tsinghua University and Rongcheng Municipal Government have actively promoted the construction of this joint cooperation project. Through the research base project,two parties will make full use of their respective strengths, and strengthen cooperation in fields such as talents and technology. The aim is tomake the scientific research base a world-class innovation platform to boost Tsinghua University’s capabilities on one hand, while on another hand, to accelerate the conversion between Rongcheng’s new and old source of energy.

Note: the High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (HTGR) from INET (Tsinghua University) is being commissioned in Rongcheng.

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