Trump’s nuclear power ministry

Trump’s nuclear power ministry

In the USA many American born Indian are reaching top positions in private and public businesses and administrations. Now an Indian-American woman is getting an important post in the Department of Atomic Energy of the Trump Administration.

US President Donald Trump has decided to appoint a top Indian-American woman in the Department of Atomic Energy. A few days after signing a new law to accelerate the development of modern reactors, President Donald Trump said that Dr. Rita Barnwalwill be appointed as an Assistant Energy Minister in the Ministry of Energy.

This is an important administrative post in the Ministry of Energy. Significantly, Mrs. Baranwal is currently working as the Director in the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative. If confirmed by the Senate, Mrs. Baranwal will be heading the important Atomic Energy Department as Assistant Energy Minister.

She had previously worked as a director of technology development and application at Westinghouse and before a manager in substance technology at the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. There she led research and development in nuclear power for US naval reactors.

Dr.Baranwal has studied BA in Material Science and Engineering from MIT and PhD from University of Michigan. She is also on the Advisory Board of MIT Substance Research Laboratory and the Department of Atomic Engineering of UC Berkeley.

Significantly, President Trump signed the Atomic Energy Innovation Capabilities Act last week itself. This will accelerate the development of nuclear reactors in the US.

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