Tripartite strategic cooperation agreement

Tripartite strategic cooperation agreement


  • Release Date: May 01, 2017

On April 25, the China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co., Ltd(CNI5), the CAS-HaiHua Nuclear Material Technology Co., Ltd ( “CASHH” ),and the Haiying Group signed a three-party cooperation agreement, aiming at developing a cooperative mechanism in the nuclear decommissioning, the nuclear environment protection system integration, and the non-nuclear construction, as well as the plant building etc, and in the future to create a large-scale nuclear environmental protection industrial base.


Except for the Chinese governor or officials, the foreign experts from the German Karlsruhe Research Center and the president of the JL Goslar (Germany) witnessed the signing ceremony.



*Established in 1964, China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co., Ltd(CNI5). belongs to China Nuclear Engineering Group CO. It’s a large comprehensive construction company with general contracting qualifications for building construction and installation. Principal businesses of this company locate in national defense industries, nuclear projects, nuclear power plants, industry and civil construction projects.


*CAS-HaiHua Nuclear Material Technology Co.,Ltd (“CASHH”), founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is an integrated supplier of the nuclear pro-environment products and service, including the R&D, design and manufacture, sales and promotion and technology consulting of the high-quality industrial airtightness and nuclear-grade sealing products, spent fuel dry storage casks and the nuclear complete sets of equipment etc.


*Yancheng Haiying Industry Investment Corporate(“Haiying Group”), established by the Yancheng Municipal Peoples Government in Jiangsu Province in 2012, is specialized in the municipal engineering construction, land exploitation and management, the special tooling design and manufacture for the environmental protection, the construction of the environmental engineering, information consulting and the other assets management. Haiying Group is the leading pioneer of the mixed ownership reform and also a large local investment group enjoying the platform of the municipal government.


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