Training session on nuclear security

Training session on nuclear security

The National Regulatory Authority in Radioprotection (ARNR), an entity from the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM)-  participates in the training session on nuclear security for the National Customs Directorate (DNA).

The training on  “Nuclear Physical Security. Importance for our country and the world “, was given within the framework of the activities foreseen in the Training Plan of the DNA.

The activity was carried out on July 26 and aimed to bring Customs officials closer to the analysis of nuclear physical security, within the framework of the Nuclear Safety Committee. It was aimed at DNA officials who work in control points and those linked to risk management.

The talk was given by members of the Nuclear Safety Committee at the national level. By Dr. Virginia Roldós and Melina Mondeli (MIEM-ARNR, Gissel Bueno (DNA); and by the Ministry of the Interior, Deputy Commissioner Raúl Ciz.

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