Tianwan 3 & 4 included in 2020 major investment plan

Tianwan 3 & 4 included in 2020 major investment plan

Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Development and Reform released the “Investment Plan for Major Projects of Jiangsu Province in 2020”, which arranged 240 major projects in the province, including 220 implementation projects and 20 reserve projects. Among them, Tianwan Nuclear Power Units 5 and 6 are included in the implementation projects, while Tianwan Units 7 and 8 are listed in the reserve projects.

Tianwan Nuclear Power Units 7 and 8 are scheduled to start construction in May 2021 and March 2022, respectively. The construction period for a single unit is 65 months.

* Tianwan Units 1 to 4 feature Russian VVER-1000 technology, and Units 5 and 6 adopt CNNC’s independent M310 + upgraded technology. As for Units 7 and 8, they are planned to use Russian VVER-1200 three-generation technology.

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