The winner of 2nd YEKA project tender

The winner of 2nd YEKA project tender


  • Release Date: July 07, 2017

In the framework of the second project of YEKA (Renewable Energy Resource Areas) strategy in Turkey, 8 giant companies having  90% of the world wind energy market established consortiums with local partners for this 1,000-megawatt project and submitted their bids. These consortiums were as below:
• Vestas (Denmark) – Enerjisa,
• General Electric (GE-America) -Fina Energy,
• Goldwind (China) -Akfen Holding-Beyçelik,
• Siemens (Germany) – Türkerler – Kalyon,
• Enercon (Germany) – Polat Energy-Limak Energy,
• Nordex (Germany) -İklim Electricity Investment-MKS Marmara-Zorlu Energy,
• MingYang (China) –İlk Construction,
• Senvion Wind Energy Solutions (Germany) – IC İçtaş Energy

The highest bid price per kilowatt-hour was $ 3.48 and was awarded by the Turkerler-Kalyon Energy consortium led by German Siemens. This price was the lowest bid in the YEKA tenders for wind in the world.
Hakan Yıldırım, Director of Wind and Renewable Energy in Turkey office of Siemens, who took part in the Joint Venture Group winning the tender, said that “We will make our best to reduce the electricity cost in Turkey”, while other winner of the JV Kazim Türker, chairman of the firm Türkerler: “Financially, the local production will be around 65% and provided from local banks, the rest will come and financed from abroad. ”

Berat Albayrak, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, stated that the project will make an important contribution to Turkey-Germany relations and will provide 65% of localization, R & D investment for a minimum of 10 years and about 8,000 pieces of wind turbines to be produced in Turkey. “The wind turbines to be built in the 12 cities of Turkey have brought an investment of more than $ 1 billion (…) We will give all the support as a ministry in order to commission this investment as soon as possible.”

YEKA project will prevent approximately 1.5 million tons of carbon emissions per year.


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