The United States is seeking to dominate the nuclear market

The United States is seeking to dominate the nuclear market

The US Department of Energy has identified dominance of the nuclear energy markets is one of the priorities of the US energy strategy. According to the strategy, published on the ministry’s website, the United States should remove Russia and China from the markets for nuclear technologies under their influence, and become a world leader in this field.

“Ultimately, the United States government will enter the markets dominated by companies owned by the Russian and the Chinese governments, and the United States will regain its position as a world leader in exporting the best technologies in nuclear energy, while at the same time applying strict non-proliferation standards,” the strategy pointed out.

The Ministry of Energy proposes to prevent the establishment of strong relations between Russia and China with “a number of eastern European and African countries.” In addition to enabling the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) through the authority to “refuse to import nuclear fuel produced in Russia and China in order to ensure national security.”

The ministry’s strategy also considered that the ability of foreign government companies to provide nuclear fuel reprocessing cycle to establish dominant positions in the market and create strong bilateral ties “could pose serious geopolitical challenges for the United States.”

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