The regulation changes of China’s NEA

The regulation changes of China’s NEA

Compared with 2017 mid-year work conference of China National Energy Administration (NEA), it can be found that in many energy management fields, the policy and management keynote has been adjusted. The awareness of the changes made by the Authorities to energy industry and new thoughts on energy management is crucial to the productions, operations and investments of all related enterprises.

The following important changes are pointed out in 2018 Working Conference of NEA:

(1) Regarding energy security: Energy supply and energy security will still be placed in the first place, especially indicating that the relationship between energy security and structural adjustment shall be taken into consideration properly, and balance in a good manner of the two major tasks of capacity and supply, and put the supply at top priority.

(2) About clean energy consumption: At present, the problem of clean energy consumption has been significantly alleviated. In this context, NEA will start to solve the issues of clean energy defaulted subsidy and the problem of non-technical cost of clean energy.

(3) About coal: Actively and orderly approval of advanced coal production capacity. Currently, NEA’s focus is to accelerate the release of advanced production capacity and avoid market supply shortages.

(4) About natural gas: The keynote is to accelerate the construction of natural gas production, supply and marketing systems, and to engage in three key projects: increasing domestic production, providing stable overseas supply, and ensuring interconnecting of resources.

(5) About electricity reform: Emphasis on deepening the reform of the power system, which indicates the authorities’ determination to reform electricity remains as before and there are still many reform tasks going underway.

(6) About international cooperation: to keep vigorously promoting international cooperation.


NβN tip: Aware of the changes made by the Authorities to energy industry and new thoughts on energy management is crucial to the production, operation and investment of all related enterprises.

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