The progress of the Yanlong reactor

The progress of the Yanlong reactor

On April 26, Rong Jian, deputy director of the China Nuclear Power Development Center, a department of the National Energy Administration, went to China Institute of Atomic Energy to investigate the progress of “Yanlong” pool type low-temperature heating reactor project.

Rong Jian pointed out that the pool reactor has the advantages of high safety, simple and reliable system, and is an appropriate source of urban clean heating. The leaders of the National Energy Administration attach great significance to the development of heating by nuclear energy. China Nuclear Power Development Center and CNNC are jointly promoting the development of nuclear energy heating.

During the inspection, Rong Jian visited the exhibition room of the 49-2 reactor and demonstrated pool reactor for city heating. He learned the progress on the project from separately CIAE, CNNC New Energy Company, and the Hebei Branch of CNPE. The seminars were held on issues and difficulties faced by them in achieving government approval and local support.

Note: The China Nuclear Power Development Center was set up on April 2017. The director is Zeng Yachuan, who previously was branch head of the System Reform Department of the Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND), and deputy head, and head of the Policies and Regulations Department of the NEA. Zeng also served as the deputy head of Nuclear Power Department after the NEA was established.

The Business cope covers :

  • Research on the laws and regulations, planning, policy and standards concerning nuclear power;
  • Implementation of major special plans for nuclear power; Construction, operation and safety monitoring of nuclear power;
  • Emergency preparadness, design and examination of fire protection, qualification of operating personnel and etc.;
  • R&D, training,
  • Public relation and popularization of nuclear power;
  • Consultancy and evaluation of the independence of R&D, technology and equipment;
  • International exchange and cooperation in nuclear power field.


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