The progress of the Travelling Wave Reactor

The progress of the Travelling Wave Reactor

Global Innovation Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. (“Global Nuclear“), a joint venture between CNNC and TerraPower, will complete the design and the construction of the demonstration project of TWR-300 (300 MW) around 2025. Meanwhile, it intends to develop a localized metal fuel production lines, and to implement commercial promotion and marketing. This demonstration reactor is expected to be sited in Hebei Province, China. Moreover, by 2030, the joint venture will develop and construct a TWR-600C (600 MW) and commercialize the reactor Finally, by 2030, a  TWR-1200C (1200 MW) reactor should be connected to the national grid.

Since February 2011, CNNC has been commissioned by the National Energy Administration to conduct business and technical exchanges with TerraPower. On September 30, 2017, a joint venture “Global Nuclear” was registered in Tianjin. As a collaborative innovation and product promotion platform for the TWR technology, it mainly engages in the research and design of the TWR, the development of metal nuclear fuel elements as well as to provide technical support for procurement, construction, equipment and fuel manufacturing, debugging and operation of the power plants.

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