The operation of the first Barakah NPP unit

The operation of the first Barakah NPP unit

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has revealed the success of the Nawah Energy Company, which is affiliated with ENEC and responsible for the operation and maintenance of Barakah nuclear power plant, in completing the start-up process of the first unit’s reactor.

Since receiving the license to operate the first unit in Baraka from the Federal Nuclear Control Authority in February 2020, and completing the loading of nuclear fuel packages at the plant’s reactor in March 2020, the Nawah Energy Company, of the joint venture between the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and the Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has begun implementing a comprehensive testing program leading to its success in completing the start-up of the first unit reactor.

The process of starting the first unit reactor includes producing heat inside the reactor for the first time safely in order to generate steam, which in turn powers the turbines to produce electricity. Experts of the “Nawah” reactor operating team focused on safe control of this process as well as control of the energy level of the reactor. After several tests, the first unit will be ready to connect with the UAE electricity grid and produce the first megawatts of safe nuclear electricity for homes and commercial sectors in the country. The commercial operation of the unit is scheduled to start during this year, as earliest speculations.

Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, CEO of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, said: “Barakah nuclear power plant have become an engine of growth in the UAE. The four units, once fully operational, will produce 25% of the carbon-free electricity in the country, in addition to supporting economic diversification by providing thousands of rewarding jobs by developing a sustainable nuclear energy sector and a domestic supply chain.

United Arab Emirates has become the first in the Arab world and the 33rd in the world, which succeeds in developing nuclear power plants to produce electricity, as Barakah contributes greatly to the state’s efforts to provide electric energy in conjunction with reducing carbon emissions resulting from electricity production. When fully operational, Barakah’s four units will produce 5.6 GW of electricity and reduce 21 million tons of carbon emissions annually.

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation had recently announced the completion of the construction work in the second unit in Barakah and delivered it to Nawah Energy Company for the start of the operational preparations phase, while the construction work in the third and fourth units reached its final stages. The total percentage of completion in the four units reached more than 94%.

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