The only nuclear reactor in Chile

The only nuclear reactor in Chile

La Reina Nuclear Studies Center is a research site located next to Aguas de Ramón Park, on the edge of La Reina with Las Condes since 1974. It is the only active nuclear reactor in the country.  It is a small reactor, 5 megawatts, that produces radioactive elements used in medicine, for example.

This reactor was opened to the public on the Patrimony Day 2019 for the third consecutive year. The audience was invited to visit the plasma and nuclear fusion laboratory, where research is carried out in these areas.

In the visit to the Nuclear Studies Center La Reina, the visitors could also see a large concrete mural of 70 m2, built in 1971 by the sculptor Eduardo Martínez Bonati. It is called Nuclear energy and represents the development of life and science, through elements such as the sun and man, as well as geometric figures.

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