The Nuclear power regulator in Turkey

The Nuclear power regulator in Turkey

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the first reactor in turkey is expected to be operational by 2023. So it will need to go with the Nuclear Regulatory Authority’ requirements.

It has been decided that the security of the nuclear facilities should be handled by the Ministry of Interior and that the authorization certificate of the institution approved by the President.

With the Decree Law No. 702 published in the Official Gazette, The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Turkey (Nükleer Düzenleme Kurumu NDK) was established with the aim of regulating and controlling the activities related to the radiation in the nuclear energy sector. The duties and authorities of the institution, which will be headquartered in Ankara, shall be determined by the President. The Organizing Committee will consist of a total of 5 members, one president and one second president. The members will be appointed by the President.

Institutional personnel will be subject to the Law on Civil Servants numbered 657, except for the matters regulated by this Decree Law. NDK President and members of the Board will be appointed within 2 months from the date on which the KCC enters into force. In order to perform all kinds of technical support, analysis and other services that NDK would need in fulfilling its duties, at least 51 percent of the Nuclear Technical Support Inc (Nükleer Teknik Destek Anonim Şirketi NÜTED Inc.) was established with a joint-stock company.

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