The impact of Akkuyu on the Turkish Industry

The impact of Akkuyu on the Turkish Industry

The President of the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO), Nurettin Özdebir, declared recently that nuclear energy was necessary because Turkey is a country dependent on foreign sources. The inclusion of nuclear in the 11th Development Plan encourages the diversity of resources. 

Regarding the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, Özdebir noted its impact on the development of the country, and the industry. 

Özdebir stated that ASO established an industrial cluster called NÜKSAK to participate in the tenders of Akkuyu NGS. NÜKSAK is creating partnerships with foreign companies. Özdebir gave a few examples: Gedik Döküm and Vana with Velan (France), Roleda Makina, established a joint company with Newtesol (Spain) and Kurtul Makina Heavy Machinery with STF (now Balcke-Duerr) from Italy. 

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