The Fate of the Thorium Nuclear Power Plant Project in Indonesia

The Fate of the Thorium Nuclear Power Plant Project in Indonesia

ThorCon International Indonesia Chief Representative Bob S. Effendi expects the Indonesian government’s commitment to ensure the fate of the Thorium Nuclear Power Plant (PLTN) project.

ThorCon needs a Presidential Regulation or a letter from the Ministry or a sign of commitment to conducting studies and studies this year. This commitment will ensure the sustainability of the NPP project due to the importance of the investment. ThorCon is committed to investing USD 1.2 billion (around IDR. 17 trillion) for a PLTN or PLTT with a capacity of 500 MW (TSMR500).

This project is divided into two stages. If studies are carried out this year, the physical work on the project can begin in 2021. PT PAL, which partnered with ThorCon, has the potential to receive substantial income through this project. The value also reaches IDR 400 billion (around USD 30 Million).

Indonesia’s electricity demand is estimated to reach 10 GW to 20 GW per year in line with the global demand rate, which reaches an average of 100 GW per year. If the selling price of electricity through nuclear plants is projected to range from 6 cents to 7 cents / kWh, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif, revealed that the use of nuclear as national energy is the latest choice.

Mr. Tasrif was referring to the Government Regulation PP 79/2014 on National Energy Policy and the PP 14/2015 concerning the National Industrial Development Master Plan, which stated that the period 2020 to 2025 needs to develop nuclear power facilities.

The Minister proposed a revision of the PP to carry out the construction.


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