The energy strategy in Mid-Eastern China

The energy strategy in Mid-Eastern China

Statistics of China Energy Research Society (CERS) Annual Meeting held on November 7th shows that a high proportion of future power supply and demand will change the energy development model in Mid-Eastern China, that is, the electricity consumption in the central and eastern regions will no longer depend on“far power”-coal-fired plants from remote western regions, but to generate clean”electricity” on its own.

Mr. Du Xiangwan, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that “in near future, mid-eastern China power consumption will achieve self-sufficiency at a very high proportion, while the extra power will be supplemented by the far west.” “China will make the central and eastern regions both a consumption area for electricity and a production area for electricity.”

He added that the provinces in the Mid-Eastern China will be the priority areas for nuclear energy development, the advantageous site for offshore wind power and ocean energy development, the import bases for natural gas and LNG, and the pilot regions for information technology, Internet of Things technology, and the leading areas for energy conservation and efficiency improvement.

In addition, the power pattern in Mid-Eastern Chinawill be a microgrid network based on “centralized intelligent grid + distributed generation”. As a result, electricity consumers are simultaneously power producers.

Du Xiangwan also concluded that in order to realize the transformation of the energy pattern in Mid-Eastern China, it is necessary to change traditional opinions and habits, and conscientiously verify and plan power systems and energy strategies in the regions.

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