The Construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant continues

The Construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant continues

The construction of the nuclear power plant in Mersin, Akkuyu Nuclear, is the priority for the Turkish government since the failure of the Sinop Project.

Akkuyu Nuclear AŞ stated that it complies with the standards of all the structures in plant construction and reportedly supervised by the representatives of Turkey Atomic Energy Agency and the NDK.

The work was carried out under the supervision of the independent building inspection organization Assystem.

Akkuyu concreting operations of the base plate of the first unit of the NPP was completed on March 8. Concrete pouring of the foundation plate follows the standards of the IAEA. The construction is carried out under the applicable national and international requirements. In the structure of this base plate, 17 thousand cubic meters of a select type of concrete has the property of spreading and squeezing under its weight while preserving its reliability and homogeneity. The project construction will continue following high-quality standards and planned schedule.

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