The Chinese investment in Sudan nuclear project

The Chinese investment in Sudan nuclear project

Sudan currently produces 3 Gw and imports 250 Mw from Ethiopia to meet the growing demand for electricity in the country. Sudan is implementing a 20,5 Gw Mix energy plan to 2031 to meet the growing demand for electricity, including hydro, fossil, renewable and nuclear. During the Belt and Road Summit, China signed an agreement to finance the first phase of Sudan nuclear project.

The negotiations on China investment in Sudan nuclear project started in 2012, as part of a strategic partnership between both countries. In October, China National Nuclear Energy Corporation (CNNC) signed this framework agreement with the Ministry of Water Resources of Sudan. The agreement included the support to Sudan in the stage of preparatory activities for the construction of the first nuclear plant, training of human resources, site assessment and exploration of uranium. The project implementation phase will take between five and seven years.

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