The Center for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology

The Center for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology

Members of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), Brígida Quiroga and Remberto Calani, in addition to Senator Rossío Lima, pondered the progress of the construction process of the Center for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology (CIDTN), which is under the responsibility of the Bolivian Agency of Nuclear Energy (ABEN).

The delegation of legislators arrived in the city of El Alto, Pacopata zone of District 8, where they were received by Jorge Alberto Garrett, head of the Infrastructure and Works Coordinator at ABEN.

The center will benefit at the national level in the area of ​​health, agroindustry and scientific research, through nuclear technology. Likewise, it was reported that the megaproject registered significant advances in the preliminary studies required by international standards.

Quiroga noted the progress of the construction that is within the established schedule and the first phase will be delivered the following management.

For his part, Deputy Calani, said that the nuclear center also guarantees the future of the new generations, because the mega-project is accompanied by the training and specialization of Bolivian professionals.

In that line, Senator Rossio Lima affirmed that the nuclear center will bring development to District 8 and the urban dynamics will generate economic activity in the neighbourhoods involved.

At the end of the tour of the area, the legislators committed themselves to carry out the accompaniment of the mega-project in order to guarantee its consolidation for the benefit of Bolivians.

The megaproject in execution consists of three components: the Cyclotron radiopharmaceutical Preclinical Complex where radiopharmaceuticals for cancer patients and other diseases will be elaborated; It will have the Multipurpose Irradiation Plant where food for production will be improved; and will have a Nuclear Research Reactor that will allow professionals to carry out their scientific research.

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