Technical agreement between Argentina and Russia

Technical agreement between Argentina  and Russia

The Argentinean government approved the technical agreement with Russia for the Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy on July 12, 2018.

This agreement established the bases for applied research in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the design, construction, operation, dismantling of nuclear power plants and  research nuclear reactors , including water desalination systems; Nuclear fuel cycle of nuclear power plants and research nuclear reactors.

In addition,  the management of radioactive waste was regulated, prohibiting its entry into the territory of any of the States parties . Another of the important points of the agreement refers to nuclear safety and radiation protection, emergency responses, regulation of nuclear and radiological safety, monitoring of physical protection of nuclear facilities, radioactive sources, storage areas, nuclear and radioactive material, such as thus also the production and application of radioisotopes in industry, medicine and agriculture.

As for the application form,  joint working groups will be created, for the implementation of specific projects and scientific research. The exchange of experts and the organization of scientific workshops and symposiums will also be carried out , in order to provide assistance in the training of scientific and technical personnel and exchange of scientific and technical information. Likewise, cooperation can be carried out in other ways agreed by the parties in writing through diplomatic channels.

It was also established that  the parties will facilitate to the other the transfer of nuclear material, equipment of components and technology  to implement joint programs in the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

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