Tax exemption for the construction of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Tax exemption for the construction of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

The responsibility for import and export of all the goods, machinery and parts for Rooppur nuclear power plant has been assigned to BAEC* (Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission). For the first Nuclear Power Plant in Rooppur the government of Bangladesh has exempted all taxes and duties such as regulatory duty, advanced VAT import duty, VAT and supplementary duty on all imported goods, parts and machinery.

Bangladesh and Russia signed a contract on 25th December 2015 for the construction of the first nuclear power plant (2,400 MW). The cost of this project is estimated at USD$12.65 billion.

The facility of tax exemption is not applicable on goods that are not directly related to the electricity production of Rooppur nuclear power plant (including office materials, Vehicles and household materials) and all sub-contractors employed by Rosatom in Bangladesh will have to pay their income taxes related to the project.

The tax exemption on imported goods, machinery and parts will be applicable as long as the construction of Rooppur nuclear power plant will go on.

Muhammad Adnan Yousuf

*Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission: BAEC is a scientific research organization and regulatory body of Bangladesh. BAEC has been engaged in the planning and development of acquiring nuclear technology for possible peaceful applications in the fields of Food, Agriculture, Health, Industry and Environment ensuring nuclear safety and radiation protection.

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