Taiwan NPP II Unit 2 …what’s next?

Taiwan NPP II Unit 2 …what’s next?

Taiwan Electric Power Corporation’s application to restart Unit 2 of its Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 has recently passed a one-month review of Taiwan’s “Atomic Energy Committee”. However, whether to restart this unit is still necessary to go to Taiwan’s legislature for project reporting. This once again sparked an uproar on the island nuclear dispute.

After the DPP authorities came to power, they forcibly promoted the “non-nuclear homeland” energy policy of 2025. They reduced nuclear power, leading to a serious shortage of electricity on the island, and the increased coal-fired, oil-fired power generation has caused Taiwan’s air pollution to increase, and its energy policy became a vicious cycle.

Under such circumstances, Taiwan authorities were forced to choose to “protect power supply” and “reduce pollution” and had to consider restarting Unit 2 of Nuclear Power Plant No.2. After the review of the Committee, whether it is necessary to restart Unit 2 of Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 still needs to go to the legislature to report on the project, and the results are unpredictable.

In recent days, many anti-nuclear groups in Taiwan have expressed strong dissatisfaction with this. They said that with the unsolved problems such as the disposal of nuclear waste, the rush to restart Unit 2 runs counter to the concept of “non-nuclear homeland”.

* Taiwan has a total of four nuclear power plants, of which the fourth nuclear power plant is mothballed and sealed after completion. While the first, second and third plants have six units, now only half are in operation.

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