Taipower filing for bankrupcy?

Taipower filing for bankrupcy?


  • Release Date: October 26, 2016

Taiwan “United Daily News” reported that if the 4th Nuclear Power Plant is directly abandoned, Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) will definitely filing for bankruptcy.

Democratic Progressive Party Mr. Zhong Jiabin addressed the inquiry to Mr. Xie Xiaoxing from Taiwan Atomic Energy Committee (AEC) and pointed out that the 4th Nuclear Power Plant bears hundreds of billions TWD international loans. AEC should take active action to investigate if the neighbors have the purchasing power of nuclear and prepare a budget to support the overseas study to sell expertise, equipment or electricity from the 4th nuclear power plant instead of decommissioning it.


Mr. Zhong added, the Philippines have been considering starting nuclear and the Vietnam also plans to build new reactors. So Taiwan Authorities shall try to seek solutions to sell nuclear electricity to these countries.


Mr. Xie stated that neither the Philippines nor the Vietnam has the capabilities to supervise and manage the nuclear power generation facilities at this moment. The Authorities is urged to plan overseas study tours to see how to help build a nuclear supervision and management mechanism and establish nuclear regulations to its neighbors in the southeastern countries so that to transfer nuclear out of the Taiwan island.


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