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China National Uranium Co will increase its uranium mining by 2020

China National Uranium Co., will add two grand-scale uranium mines of Ili and Tongliao with the capacity of 1,000 tons to its portfolio.

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The Chinese investment in Sudan nuclear project

Sudan currently produces 3 Gw and imports 250 Mw from Ethiopia to meet the growing demand for electricity in the country. Sudan is implementing a 20,5 Gw Mix energy plan

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Nuclear raw material reserves in Turkey

Nuclear energy meets 11% of the world’s actual electricity needs. Uranium and thorium are raw materials used in the  nuclear energy. The world’s largest uranium producers are Kazakhstan, Canada and

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Jordan Begins Production of Yellow Cake

A specialized team from the Research Laboratories and Information Directorate at the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) has recently extracted Uranium from ores in central Jordan in order to begin

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Sun Qin meets with President of Cameco

Chairman of CNNC, Sun Qin met with the President & CEO of Cameco from Canada, Tim Gitzel and its delegations at the headquarter of CNNC on January 14th. Both sides