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Jinko Solar qualified for renewable energy projects in Jordan

The MEMR launched a round of projects by the end of 2016 to attract domestic and international companies to produce 150 MW of electricity produced from solar and 50 MW of wind power.

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Jordan next Atomic Energy Forum

The Arab Atomic Energy Association in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Ministerial Arab Council of Electricity of the Arab League and the Arab Union for Electricity, announced the launch

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Nuclear Medicine in Jordan

With the increasing rate of cancer cases in Jordan, King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) provides the latest nuclear medicine technology for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The center is

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Jordan Begins Production of Yellow Cake

A specialized team from the Research Laboratories and Information Directorate at the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) has recently extracted Uranium from ores in central Jordan in order to begin

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Rosatom faces lack of local human resource in the Middle East

Rosatom announced that the Middle East countries that have nuclear programs, including Jordan, need for a single nuclear plant 750 specialists from professionals at various levels and rehabilitation: The nuclear

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Sustainable Electric Power in Jordan

The University of Jordan host the sustainable electric power generation in the Middle East and North Africa conference organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with the University

Middle East Supply chain & Procurement

Jordan is Hiring Nuclear Experts

This article states the most important points mentioned in a press conference about the Jordanian Nuclear Program

Business activities & Projects Middle East

The impact of the regional crisis on Jordan

The Jordanian government faces two major challenges: the energy security and the 1.3 Million Syrian refugees. The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Jawad Anani met a delegation from the US house of representatives to discuss the US support and business opportunities in the country

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Jordan energy crisis turns to the US

The Jordanian government is looking to adopt new technologies with the US, to exploit local resources and diversify its energy mix, including natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy.