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CGN Power attains new equity interests

CGN Power Co. Ltd (CGN Power) has approved the Share Transfer Agreement entered into with its controlling shareholder – China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) at an extraordinary general meeting

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Li Keqiang loves when France assists China

After China won Hinkley Point C project (HPC), Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang, during a meeting with French president Hollande, stated that China will take the opportunity to

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Hualong: the HPR1000 does not rise yet

Mr. Qian Zhimin, president of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), visited the construction site of the HPR1000 pilot nuclear power project in Fuqing, Southeast China’s Fujian province. Qian stated

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Qinshan becomes the base of excellence for HPR 1000

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has been promoting its engineering excellence through the new HPR 1000 also known as the Hualong 1 reactor. The main target for CNNC is to