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Business activities & Projects Middle East

Connecting Akkuyu nuclear power plant to the Turkish grid

AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş, the operator of the Turkish Akkuyu nuclear power plant project, has signed an agreement with the Turkish electricity transmission corporation – Teiaş, to connect the Akkuyu nuclear

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Turkey is preparing the construction of the third unit in Akkuyu NPP

According to a statement from Rosatom, Akkuyu Nuclear Co. started the process of preparing documents for the construction of the third unit for the regulator. “We are currently completing the

Business activities & Projects Middle East

The first sale of Akkuyu shares

Alexei Likhachev announced a first sale of Akkuyu nuclear power plant shares in Mersin for 2019.

Business activities & Projects Middle East

İğneada : Turkey’s third nuclear plant

Turkish Energy Minister Ali Rıza Alaboyun said plans have been made for Turkey’s third nuclear plant and Chinese, Japanese firms and U.S. companies have shown interest in an exclusive interview

Marketing & Strategy Supply chain & Procurement

Procurement for Akkuyu and Sinop

The Turkish Atomic Energy Authority organized on August 18 an informative seminar on the application of the nuclear regulatory framework and equipment procurement and manufacturer approval process for nuclear facilities.

Business activities & Projects Greater China Middle East Supply chain & Procurement

The development of the Chinese nuclear power and its impact on the industrial parks

China has 26 nuclear power plants under construction with an equipment localisation rate of 85%.Eight units start their commercial operation this year. The provinces which have nuclear power plants, such

Middle East Safety & Regulation

Security comes first in Turkey’s first nuclear plant

Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear power plant will have more thorough security conditions than its reference, Novovoronej nuclear plant. Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear power plant, to be built by the Turkish subsidiary of