Suzhou—a new platform for Nuclear Talents

Suzhou—a new platform for Nuclear Talents

On June 6, Cao Shudong, deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), paid a courtesy call to Zhou Naixiang, secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Committee of Jiangsu Province and Li Yaping, mayor of Suzhou. Two sides jointly unveiled the Suzhou Institute of CNNC-Nuclear Industry University aiming at industrial cooperation and talent training.

During the talks, Zhou Naixiang said that Suzhou City will continue to provide a good environment to support CNNC’s related industry development, including high-end equipment manufacturing, medical and health services, and skills education.

At the unveiling ceremony, the Nuclear Industry University and CNNC-SUFA Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and SUFA added its name under the plate of the “Suzhou Institute” as a supporting unit. It is reported that this Institute will use the platform resources of the University of Nuclear Industry and the strategic opportunities for the development of the Yangtze River Delta to link up with the training resources of the Yangtze River Delta. It will strive to build the Suzhou Institute into a Regional training center with unique characteristics and Suzhou regional characteristics. The focus of cooperation is to develop characteristic management training and cross-border learning, “One Belt and One Road” international talent training, and high-skilled personnel education and training, and explore the establishment of an open international intelligence crowd and service sub-platform to provide high-quality talent and intellectual support.

In addition, Qinshan nuclear power education training seminar was also held in Suzhou. CNNC’s Jiangsu Liaison Department, China Baoyuan, China Nuclear Operations, Jiangsu Nuclear Power, and the relevant persons in charge of the CNNC’s units in Sudan participated in the above activities.

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